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Giving students the tools they need to make brave, informed choices and become the next generation of theatre makers


August 2019-Present


Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Acting

  • Acting Appreciation (First Year)

  • Introduction to Acting (First Year)

  • Second Year Acting

  • Acting: The Role & The Character (3rd year Acting)

  • Acting Styles I: Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy (4th year Acting)

  • Acting Styles II: Commedia, Chekov (4th year Acting)

  • Play Production (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year)

  • Acting for the Camera 

  • Movement

  • Voice & Speech

  • Professional Presentations (2nd year)

  • Intro to Creative Writing (1st year)

  • Intro to Dramatic Literature (1st year)

  • Directed Studies in Theatre - Movement Direction for the Stage, Advanced Acting Techniques, Stage Management for Theatre Production


November 2010-April 2018


St. Lawrence College Musical Theatre Program, Brockville, ON
Part time/Partial Load
Courses taught: 

  • Introduction to Acting

  • Advanced Acting

  • Shakespeare

  • Devising Theatre

  • Voice, Speech & Movement I & II

  • Directed 2 productions


September 2010-April 2017


Algonquin College, Theatre Arts Program, Ottawa, ON
Courses taught: 

  • Introduction to Acting – Contemporary Scenes and Monologues

  • Intermediate Acting – Classical Styles:  Moliere, Commedia Dell’Arte, Shakespeare

  • Advanced Acting – Full Length Production Performance

  • Introduction to Movement

  • Voice and Movement – Intermediate and Advanced Practice

  • Devised Creation

  • Directed 2 productions


September 2010-December 2015


University of Ottawa, Department of Theatre, Ottawa, ON

Courses taught: ​

  • Introduction to Acting

  • Directed 1 production


September 2008-April 2012


University of British Columbia, Department of Theatre & Film, Vancouver, BC

Courses taught: 

  • Creating Theatre – Devised Theatre 

  • Classical Acting – Commedia Dell’Arte

  • Theatre Styles – Bouffon, Oscar Wilde 

  • Advanced Movement – 4th year BFA


January 2011


University of Alberta Department of Theatre, Edmonton, AB

Courses taught:  

  • Commedia Dell’Arte Intensive (BFA Actors, PHD and MA Students)


April 2008


Ottawa Theatre School, Ottawa, ON           

Courses taught : 

  • Clown 

  • Bouffon

For a teaching philosophy, details regarding professional development workshops, recreational classes and TYA programs, or for more information about my professional experience, please get in touch.

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Here's what students have said...

As a first-year student taking Theatre Arts with no prior history I was very sacred and nervous coming into the program. I remember the very first day I wanted to be early for class, I couldn’t find the theatre entrance door but somehow I managed to find Catriona’s office. When I told her I was lost and couldn’t find the theatre she immediately stopped what she was doing and left her office to guide me to the theatre, and since that day whenever I needed help or guidance she did just that. She always put her students first and it really showed.

Catriona Leger is an amazing professor and her presence in the Theatre department at Thompson Rivers University has greatly influenced my desire to complete my education here at TRU. Catriona brought many new aspects into the department both as a professor and a director. She is an excellent teacher who teaches good strategies for understanding difficult material; she always made time if a student needed to reach out or was struggling with anything; and she made good personal connections with each of her students.

I’ve been waiting, wanting and needing a coach like Catriona. Someone who understands me as a person and works with me from there. Being new to acting I always have questions about this field, and Catriona has always made time available. That really showed me how much she cares about her students. I know I can email her with a question, and she would get back to me right away. She has gone above and beyond to advise me with books and suggestions that would help educate myself over the summer and during this pandemic. Most importantly, she has never given up on her students no matter how much I thought about giving up.

These acting classes were never stressful, never daunting. They were challenging, yes, but in ways that I felt equipped to deal with and triumph over. I never wanted to miss a session in this class, even when the stress of the other classes made me want to curl up into a ball for an entire day or week. There was just so much to learn and so much fun to be had in the styles of this class that it kept me going. I think it has also given me a lot more wind in my sails when I look toward a potential career in the arts, so we shall see how that goes, but I thank you nonetheless for a wonderful year of classes.

This course was one of the most interesting learning experiences of my university career. I knew nothing about the subject matter coming in and Catriona made it very interesting and clear. She was always available in office hours or over email to encourage learning and better understanding of the material. Truly a great class and a great professor.

Catriona has amazing director notes and really helped to improve my acting. She constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and into this new physicality which brought me into a new light. I appreciate everything she did.

Catriona  was clear about which part of the process we were at. This helped me to understand what I should be focusing on at that stage of the production and helped me put my own feelings into context. I also appreciate that she created a fun and safe environment for student growth.

I just want to say thank you to Catriona for making my first acting experience in TRU such a fun and memorable one. I felt like you really wanted to see each of us succeed and I knew that you love the material you were teaching us. I really hope to see you again in the future.

The skills I learned in this class have elevated my skill and made me a better actor.

Overall, this was a very uplifting course for me and not only allowed me to perfect my craft, but also boosted my confidence both on and off stage.

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